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Birthday=new mods

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Well now that I'm 26 as of feb 20th i have a lot more new mods that puts my baby(crx) at 130 hp and 140ft/lbs torque,0-60 in 7secs.Not too bad for a 1.5 sohc auto with a passenger and all my tools and clothes packed for the trip to Arkansas.This was measured with my new g-tech,while keeping the rpms at only 4500,my redline is at 7200, now I'm ready to get on the real dyno to pull numbers.
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lol downforce on the rear for a FWD? You might as well put sandbags in the back because that is about as effective as a rear diffuser will get ya on your car.
I am pretty sure that you will never achieve the speeds that will require downforce in the rear on a road course unless you have a high powered vehicle. IMO a 1.5 FWD slushbox CRX does not fit in that category. Your FWD already understeers so putting more downforce in the back is going to help how?
1 - 3 of 60 Posts
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