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Birthday=new mods

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Well now that I'm 26 as of feb 20th i have a lot more new mods that puts my baby(crx) at 130 hp and 140ft/lbs torque,0-60 in 7secs.Not too bad for a 1.5 sohc auto with a passenger and all my tools and clothes packed for the trip to Arkansas.This was measured with my new g-tech,while keeping the rpms at only 4500,my redline is at 7200, now I'm ready to get on the real dyno to pull numbers.
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the car only weighs like 20 pounds without a driver... you get any more hp and put some wings on that baby it can fly to the moon.
dang put you a shopping buggy handle on that and you will really fly... :thumbup:
tekmode said:
...i never knew a car that was fwd needed a big wing or anything else to help with downforce.
everyone knows he doesnt want it for downforce.. he wants it so he can fly and so when it breaks down he has a better handle to push it with.
02SunnyB15 said:
Man this is some funny shit.I didn't expect to get this much laughs in by making this post,keep up the good work guys,lmao.
i think you need to get one of those roof scoops too if you gonna put a shopping buggy handle on it... rice rice baby
02SunnyB15 said:
Hellz yeah,10ft shopping cart spoiler,roof scoop,front splitter angled all the way to the focking ground,and some big azz canards like 3 pair oh yeah and those polished bumper fins,that's the sheit.LOL!
dont forget the fartcan and the powered by honda ricer stickers those are like 10hp each get about 20 of those and you can get your 200 horse for the crx easy !
02SunnyB15 said:
Oh yeah al most forgot bout that,lol.Deff need a fart can loud enought that you can hear me coming at least......1mile away.Yup need slap all the big ass powered by honda and vtec tunning stickers i can get on there,I also heard add sticker from other manufactures doubles the sticker hp,so i think slap some nismos on for good measure!
dont forget the windshield cleaner dispenser neon lights !! cant be rice without those.
02SunnyB15 said:
Yup,gotta get the new ones tho,the ones with the stobes in them.That's the hotness.
make sure when you debadge it you leave the 2 holes so you fit in with the rest of the honda guys... 2 holes = less weight = .00000000000001 faster quarter time
02SunnyB15 said:
Dude don't even come at me like that i know more bout aerodynamic and racing than you think,Ok tell me this wht kind of tranny do i have on my 1.5 if you know so daym much and tell me what 1.5 i have in my car.Besides i never said rear diffuser and i know that straighten out the air jackazz.I guess you think that you are hot sheit cuz you gotta s2k,well IMO if you ain't pushing 300 plus hp it ain't sheit.Don't hate on my auto tranny cuz when i get the 200 hp(soon verry soon) i will hand your azz to you with the auto 1.5.Don't come on my thread talkind noise to me with out atleast saying happy belated b-day to me.SlowS2k
amen... as much as i hate hondas i will admit a crx pushing 200 hp > he thinks it is.... just hatin wont give someone props is all. Do the mods then pwn him is what i say :thumbup:
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