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Birthday=new mods

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Well now that I'm 26 as of feb 20th i have a lot more new mods that puts my baby(crx) at 130 hp and 140ft/lbs torque,0-60 in 7secs.Not too bad for a 1.5 sohc auto with a passenger and all my tools and clothes packed for the trip to Arkansas.This was measured with my new g-tech,while keeping the rpms at only 4500,my redline is at 7200, now I'm ready to get on the real dyno to pull numbers.
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Yup really fun,the roads were really wet,couldn't get good numbers though.Thanx
MrEous said:
Happy belated-Birthday Man!
Will you be going to ATS on the 12th next month?
Thanx man.
Yup i hope to be there if work lets me off that day.By then i should the rest of my parts on.
Rathi134 said:
hmm yes that would be interesting, lets see how accurate that gtech is.

you going to ennis?

What all mods you get?

happy bday :thumbup:
I hoope to be able to make it to Ennis since my work schedule keeps changing.

I got a new ecu,intake manifold,injectors,throttlebody,carbonfiber hatch,FAL flexalite rear windows,chrome plated turbo heat sheild,fstb,new radiato and intercooler. :thumbup:
tekmode said:
its turbo? only 130hp and 140tq?
Yup,the motor stock only makes 80 flywheel hp and like 72 tq.

Aslo remember i only took it to 4500 rpm,rev limit is 7000.
Cha said:
Happy Birthday, Adren!!!
Thanx Cha,weres my gift,lol j/k
Rathi134 said:
holy crap, have you installed that stuff yet? if not i would love to help just let me know when
Most everything is installed but the bigger injectors,radiator,intercooler hatch and windows,plan on doing some tommorrow since i'm off work and try to squeez in some this weekend,gonna be hard with all the races,drift events and meets tho.
bkeasley said:
the car only weighs like 20 pounds without a driver... you get any more hp and put some wings on that baby it can fly to the moon.
Lmao.My goal os 180-200whp and 1300lbs
lol,i need to put my carbon fiber underbody tray on soon to help with the downforce to bypass not having one of those bigazz wings on.
Yup take pics i will do,too bad i didn't get a digi cam for my b-day.
Daym you guys take that toooooo serious.And not needind down force on a fwd is booty,i take it that all the fwd cars in scca,nasa,all the other groups don't rear down force.Granted you don't need as much but u still need it on a circuit or rad course when the rear is greatly lighter than the front.It's not a drag carr and if it was yeah i could see the pointlessness of rear downforce.Geesh lighten up.
Like i said b4 i was not serious bout putting that on my car.And as far as my crx being a 1.5 don't underestimate whats not even close to being finished.I know it ain't the fastes thing in the wold,but it's fun as hell to drive.That's what it's all about.And the needing of downforce on a fwd is not set by me,why don't you ask some of the pro teams like rtr or hell ask Mike Kojima bout it since he races a fwd nissan with WING on it.
SpeedyS2k said:
I am pretty sure that you will never achieve the speeds that will require downforce in the rear on a road course unless you have a high powered vehicle. IMO a 1.5 FWD slushbox CRX does not fit in that category. Your FWD already understeers so putting more downforce in the back is going to help how?
Yeah now tell me something i don't know.
Man this is some funny shit.I didn't expect to get this much laughs in by making this post,keep up the good work guys,lmao.
Hellz yeah,10ft shopping cart spoiler,roof scoop,front splitter angled all the way to the focking ground,and some big azz canards like 3 pair oh yeah and those polished bumper fins,that's the sheit.LOL!
bkeasley said:
dont forget the fartcan and the powered by honda ricer stickers those are like 10hp each get about 20 of those and you can get your 200 horse for the crx easy !
Oh yeah al most forgot bout that,lol.Deff need a fart can loud enough that you can hear me coming at least......1mile away.Yup need slap all the big ass powered by honda and vtec tunning stickers i can get on there,I also heard add sticker from other manufactures doubles the sticker hp,so i think slap some nismos on for good measure!

Hold on let me stop b4 somebody think I'm actually serious......baaahh,phuck it who cares.Time to go get me some of those tyre flys valve stem lights so i can light up the nite as i do my ricer fly by.
bkeasley said:
dont forget the windshield cleaner dispenser neon lights !! cant be rice without those.
Yup,gotta get the new ones tho,the ones with the stobes in them.That's the hotness.
bkeasley said:
make sure when you debadge it you leave the 2 holes so you fit in with the rest of the honda guys... 2 holes = less weight = .00000000000001 faster quarter time
Yup yup,gotta do that mod,it's free and reduces weight hella much by not filling the hole and removing that oh so heay azz H
Rathi134 said:
sunny has a point, over my christmas break I watched speed channel and i am not 100% what class it was but over in europe the class with hondas etc etc all had wings, if it was entirely useless why would all the proteams who want to win and keep sponsors add it. i can understand a daily driven fwd not needing it. Of course just slapping a wing on there saying it does what the pro drivers wing does is crap. they tune their cars for downforce.
Somebody gets what I'm saying,i gues ppl dont watch speed channel or get to actually go over seas to see the fwd racers.
Cha said:
In my nose you wanna pick it? LOL LOL jk
Ha ha lol,dunno bout that one.
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