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Birthday=new mods

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Well now that I'm 26 as of feb 20th i have a lot more new mods that puts my baby(crx) at 130 hp and 140ft/lbs torque,0-60 in 7secs.Not too bad for a 1.5 sohc auto with a passenger and all my tools and clothes packed for the trip to Arkansas.This was measured with my new g-tech,while keeping the rpms at only 4500,my redline is at 7200, now I'm ready to get on the real dyno to pull numbers.
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MrEous said:
Happy belated-Birthday Man!
Will you be going to ATS on the 12th next month?

hmm yes that would be interesting, lets see how accurate that gtech is.

you going to ennis?

What all mods you get?

happy bday :thumbup:
02SunnyB15 said:
I hoope to be able to make it to Ennis since my work schedule keeps changing.

I got a new ecu,intake manifold,injectors,throttlebody,carbonfiber hatch,FAL flexalite rear windows,chrome plated turbo heat sheild,fstb,new radiato and intercooler. :thumbup:

holy crap, have you installed that stuff yet? if not i would love to help just let me know when
bah i wish i could help tomorrow sadly enough im not off work haha. be sure to take some pics though
tekmode said:
i thought a diffuser smooths out the air under your car for less drag, what does it have to do with downforce? and i never knew a car that was fwd needed a big wing or anything else to help with downforce.

heh some guy argued me to death on this over at one of the mini cooper sites. apparently it helps at highrates of speed but you go to have the front diffuser to even it out. but um that wasnt enough to convince me to get either lol. the diffuser would end up getting owned by speed bumps and i love my stock wing.

oh and it turns out i dont work tomorrow i just have class 4-7pm and 930-1215 you installing anything after 7? hahaha
sunny has a point, over my christmas break I watched speed channel and i am not 100% what class it was but over in europe the class with hondas etc etc all had wings, if it was entirely useless why would all the proteams who want to win and keep sponsors add it. i can understand a daily driven fwd not needing it. Of course just slapping a wing on there saying it does what the pro drivers wing does is crap. they tune their cars for downforce.
SpeedyS2k said:
LOL if I was to copy all the pro teams than my car would have a tube chassis and would have slicks on all four corners. Be real now, you want to be serious about racing but your riding on a auto tranny? PLEASE....I never knew a slushbox would be fun to mash especially the one that came on the 1.5 sohc that you have. Besides the rear diffuser helps stabalize airflow known as the venturi effect if you even know what that is. It creates a low pressure vacuum under the car to smooth out the airflow to create less turbulance. It doesnt create downforce... it MINIMIZES lift in the rear. How useful is that on your oh-so-fast race car of a slushbox crx?

Need anything else that you DONT know?

i dont know who you are and who your friends with but your mouthing off stops now. i dont mind civilized arguments but your basically making a sad attempt to attack sunny. if you have a problem with him , either A. Race him at ennis B. race me at ennis
7SPEED said:
Remember he did have the Sentra XE-R lmao

J/K Adrian Happy b-day....hope u come to Ennis Fri.

where you going be 7speed? what you gon do when the turbo se-r comes to E-land, sportin them 14s

what car you taking? it better be the classic
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