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Big wiring problem please help

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ok i have the 93 D21 4x4 5spd with the 2.4L. I previously posted help on my tail lights not working, i said the fuse melted inside the fuse box and i ran a kill switch to the battery to have tail lights. Well now i have no tail lights (but have reverse, marker, and brake light) i took apart my steering console to check the light switch. No problem there. I followed the harness down the steering colomn to which looks like a relay(doesnt connect to anything. Most of the wires going to that are melted and fused together. Now can i but a new relay, and splice all the wires back into the new relay, because the wires are all melted at the relay. up the harness a bit (closer to the light switch) are fine, now where can i just get that relay harness? because i can splice all the wires back to that, and hopefully that will fix my problem. Even though all those wires are melted my tail lights are the only lights that dont work. please help.
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i have a wireharness from a 95 that should work ..

you will have to get me a picture of what you need or explain it better..
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