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best brake pads??

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what are the best all around brake pads for a 1.6 that sees some track time and a lot of stop and go traffic??TIA
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Probably metal master delux pads, we use them in our se-r cup racer and they work on the street pretty well also.

where can I purchase them?and how much do they run?TIA
anyone tried the Green Stuff Pads?
I like the carbon metallic brake pads from autozone. They have a lifetime warranty and stop your car pretty fast. I heard some good things about green stuff but havent tried them personally.
I've heard many people say green stuff pads are sh*t...I wouldn't get them. Auto part store pads like the ones Teknokid mentioned should be good for street use, as are axxis metal masters(what I currently have).
How much did you get your axxis metal masters for??
Little less than $50 w/shipping at I've had them for over 6 months now. If you're doing lots of light braking, they tend to make a grinding sound, but once you brake hard the sound goes away. If you're only doing hard braking, they're great.
Jose, $50? for MM? I got NX ones for $36 shipped from coximports! I am not impressed with them though. Maybe it's my brake fluid, but they're nothing special. Next I will try Nissan pads or KVR, which I heard is good stuff and is under $80
I think it was almost $50, I can't remember was probably less. Yeah while they're not bad pads(better than greenstuff though), next time I'll probably be getting some porterfields or panthers and see how those go.
Raybestos PG plus pads work very well for street use. Pepboys sells these for about $35 set with a life time warranty, they work good and give off very little brake dust...:)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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