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Best 40 bucks I've ever spent...

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This has got to be worth every penny..... :thumbup:

has a small crack above the right reverse light, but doesn't bother me....too great of a deal.

you can see the 97 nissan quest in the back and my 89 b12....gotta love a nissan... :cheers:
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got the se-l center eh? nice job! thats the best for right now. (a buddy of mine may be cookin up a real c/f piece :thumbup: )
xbrandonx said:
dammit, I've been looking for one for a while now.
you could just go vinyl on it.
but either way both will be fake
xbrandonx said:
I think it would be kinda hard to get the contures of the panel, mainly around the trunk lock and the nissan emblum
????? its just stick it on the stcok plastic peice.
xbrandonx said:
yes, but the centerpiece isn't flat so I doubt it would lay very well overtop of the curves in on the piece.
i have never personly used vynal but i have seen it done and it is extremly plyable. to get it to form to those oddities you use a heat gun, you heat up the part that needs to be stretched and then push and prod it into place...... its awsome stuff. i have seen vynal on more extreme surfaces then a simple "emblem rise" i dont think that would cause to much trouble. :cheers:
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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