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Bday party last night...1/8 (56koWNED) 1 slightly nws pic...

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It was a ton of fun. Jessica set me up and surprised me by inviting people to Pete's Piano Bar for my party.

What a great time...thanks to Ryan, Darrick, Jarrod, Alex and Nils for showing up! Good to see all of you again. A very special thanks goes to Jessica for setting it all up.

Here are a few pics. :D

My cake

Darrick and I

Me on stage

Darrick and Ryan making out


Darrick, Alex & Ryan

Ryan to the rescue

Evil Sex Harasser!

F' all of ya

Ryan, Nils & Alex


Darrick sings!

Great time... :cheers: :cool: :cheers:
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i forgot...i at least wanted to stop by and say hey

i really gotta get some ginko biloba or something
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