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95 Pathfinder XE 230,000+ miles. Originally thought I was having starter problems, rushed in without testing everything and replaced the starter. I figured it was time for things to start going, given the mileage. When I tested the battery it seemed to be in the correct range and the connection between the end of the positive cable and the solenoid was fine as well.

After I installed the starter, the same symptoms occurred. If I drive for short periods of time, the charge dissapates and eventually I get some nice clicking and no turning over of the engine.

I had the battery tested at the local AutoZone. They indicated that the battery is fine and that it could be the alternator. I had been thinking it might be the alternator as well and replaced that today. Before I hooked the negative cable back up to the battery, I charged the battery to make sure it was good to go. I then reattached the negative grounding cable and fired it up. It was a little sluggish while turning over, but started. I let it run for about 20 minutes, turned it off and started it again. It seemed to start with no problems. I let it sit for about two hours, went to start it again and the battery was no longer charged.

I jumped started it again, and just drove around for 1/2 hour to see if that would be more effective for charging the battery with newly installed alternator. After I parked it, I turned it off and started it again. It sounded a little sluggish again. I'll check in the morning to see if it held any charge. If not, I can only guess that there is a short or some sort of wiring issue that is draining the battery.

I've looked for obvious wiring issues, but have not identified any.

Other than throwing a lot of time, energy and money at the situation, am I on the right track?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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