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How should a battery relocation be done? I have plenty of 4 Gauge wire and a Yellow Top Optima Battery. I was told to get a marine battery case for around $8 and screw it down to car in trunk. Do all B13 1.6's have a power wire coming from the alternator directly to the battery and the main power for the car, so basically two positive's and one negative? Also, the power wire is 8 gauge. Should that be wired separately to the battery or spliced together with the main power to the 4 gauge wire? What should it be spliced together with and how do you get the terminals onto the wire? (I'm used to 26-8 guage wires, not this big.)

Are Yellow Top Batteries sufficient for the starting battery with a medium sized stereo? I've been hearing different things from Batteries Plus, Optima Batteries, and other places. Most of them say that I'm not deep cycling the Optima and that's why I'm loosing juice. If that's true, how many of you have the Red Top Optima's? Are ya'll happy with them, any comments?

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