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I'm working on my neighbor's 91 Sentra, he said it's been unable to start after he leaves it sitting for a bit. He just put a new battery in it three days ago, but has had the same problem. He told me he pulled the + battery cable while it was running to see if it would keep running off the alternator (big no-no in my book), and his wipers turned on and won't shut off now. They either run fast or slow, no intermittent or off position.

Checked it with my DMM, and it's putting out 13.6v when running (after I jumped it). When it was off, I pulled the neg cable from the battery and stuck my test light between the cable and the terminal. It lit up, so there's a drain. Pulled the fuses one at a time, and the drain didn't go out. There's a small red plastic box on the pos cable that has two male connections plugged into it. One has a thick white wire that goes to another male/female connection, and goes further down the line to split into 2 thick white wires, but I can't see what it leads to. I pulled that connection, and the drain stopped. I started the car with that wire disconnected, and the wipers started going super fast, the automatic seat belt didn't move, and the dash lights were acting weird.

So to sum it up, I'm wondering what it is that the white wire coming from the + battery cable leads to? I'm thinking it's grounded out somewhere down the line. Also, what did my neighbor damage when he disconnected the cable with the car running, especially what would cause the wipers to not shut off?

Thanks for any help in advance!
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