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Hi everybody !
I'm new to the forum and I have to admit what a wonderfull thing you're doing helping people in need.
I have a 2001 Pathfinder and last year or so the car was diagnosed with a faulty Mass Air Flow sensor - I bought the sensor online replaced it and the car was like new again ....till couple of weeks ago (so around 15 months later) when it started to behave the exact same as last year. Also I noticed that I get worse mileage lately which made me think that the oxygen sensor could be faulty too now - can faulty oxygen sensors ruin the mass air flow sensor ? The CEL doesn't come on (it didn't come on last year) ...but the mileage is worse...Do you think that a faulty MAF can cause bad mileage ? Also I've read that I could use the MAF from the 2001 Maxima - is that true ? Is it safe ? Then why the price difference ? At this rate I might have to change the MAF sensor once a year :) the half price could be a huge factor ...

yes you can use the maf from the maxima, i have and many others have as well with success. to be honest the 01 pathfinder is the biggest money pit around. be prepared for problem after problem with the engine light on and other numberous things. i got so sick of mine i had to trade it in last week. its to bad because i liked the truck but it cost more to keep it in top shape then it was worth to me.
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