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Hey everyone.

Simply put, my car runs rich. I also have been experiencing slight surges and hesitations along with an erratic idle. My 94 will sometimes blow a bit of smoke at high RPMs too (which I am assuming is due to the rich mixture)

I have S3 cams, stillen cam gears, JWT ecu, stillen MAF and extrude honed TB. I also have a stillen intake and Greddy exhaust, although I figure these shouldn't have much of an effect on the performance of the idle and rich mixture

I have regrounded the MAF with no change in the way it runs. I am wondering if a JWT ECU can be reprogrammed by anyone other than JWT (the previous owner who had done all the mods said he had the mixture richened and I don't know if that means someone tampered with the ECU or not) or if the rich mixture is coming from cam timing.

At this point I am at a loss. I hope that getting rid of the rich mixture will solve my idle problems too, but I am not counting on it. Could this have to do with the TPS at all? Is it cam timing? Is my MAF bad?

Thanks for your opinions,
94 se-r

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Good one. Actually I posted this one first, but no one was responding so I figured I sign up for the SR20 forum too.
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