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Hey - recently picked up a 93 NX for $1300. My previous nissan was a sohc 12 valve '90 240 - my first car - 4 years ago. Since then it's been a slaughter through Honda's and V-dubs, but i'm back in action. Back then (and now) i didn't really know a lot about cars so i never really fully enjoyed or tapped the potential of what I had (drifting or swapping a DET) Since i bought my 93 vtec prelude it's been a quest of car knowledge, constantly reading and other crap. Did simple stuff, i/h/e, suspension, clutch, basic things. Well, i'm planning on swapping a bluebird into my little NX in the spring, but until then, want to make the best of the ugly (i love it) white egg. I already ordered an intake, but wanted to know if there's any must haves or great products for the NX, to make it a little faster (i drove a 97 200 ser w/ i/e and it riped for what it was) I'm not planning an exhaust or any of that cause it's too expensive and pointless (when i swap) - so anything the car will retain when I swap. Well, I have a bluebird lined up for $1200 - w/ no ecu or tranny (don't need awd tranny, send my ecu to JWT) And from talking to people at car shows who have done it, it's pretty straight forward, and all the swap articles are so inticing. Any ideas thanks, and i hope people around here aren't as clueless as the stupid honda forums (impossible). Honda really attracts ricers, so i'm glad to be getting off a bandwagon and into something that I respect more as well.
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