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I used to post on here some up until fall of '05 or so when I sold my '90 Sentra. I always loved that car. It was cheap to maintain and very reliable over the 50k miles that I drove it. I decided I wanted to go back to an older car that is paid off and now I have an '87 Pulsar SE with the CA16DE engine, 5spd manual, and about 110k miles on the clock. Its straight and rust-free, but there are a few other issues. A handful of capped vacuum lines and a O2 that leads to nowhere are the first issues so I will be tracking down a service manual soon.

I've been contemplating a CA18DET swap next spring and I have searched the site. However, there is a .PDF file that appears to be vaporware as all of the threads that I saw it referenced in have dead links that take me to a generic "Sorry but that file no longer exists"-type page where it used to be hosted. Is there any chance that someone has this PDF on their hard drive? I believe it is either a CA16DE->CA18DET or CA18DE->CA18DET guide but I figured it would have good info in it either way.

Also, for suspension I know I can use either B12 or B13 struts, but do I lose any adjustment (I think toe) with the use of the B13 parts? I thought I remembered something about this when I bought Tokico's for my old B12 but that's been a few years ago.
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