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Hello everyone,

tought i would share something with all of you
B-15 owner,

personaly i love the car but i found it quite noisy
driving around town and on the highway while talking on a cell phone
with a wired headset, tried different brand of headset and ,
finally realised it was just a darn noisy cabin badly insulated that's all,

so what i did the el cheapo way , was to remove the door trim panel
and fit and tape in place some household floating floor undercoating sheet
looks like a roll of styrofoam cup material but much more flexible,

it did made a difference as before there was only a thin plastic sheet just a bit ticker than a garbage bag as per me,

then i removed the front wheel well plastic, and at the same occasion cleaned the place where the rear bottom of the fender meet the body just near the lower front end of the front door, it was full of leaves and mud,

i sprayed a heavy coat of "body undercoating'' available at any good autopart,either that or "gravel guard'' spray will do nice, it as a ruberized compound that build up and deadened the noise, i did 2 coats in the wheel well back and front, and did the area under the driver and front passenger up to the rack& pinion on the firewall even the bump over the down pipe took about 5 cans ,

i also remove the rear trim on each side of the back seat filled a place near the door dome light switch filled the space between the door FRame and the wheel well. it's empty between 2 sheet of sheetmetal and must make a nice resonating chamber of some sort and another place just higher to fill the space over the inside of the back wheel and the inside of the fender ( could do it by the trunk do) with ''great stuff'' an expandable insulation foam in a can took 1 and a half can of that,

these are about 6 0r 7 bucks over here in CAnada, and the underfloor stuff is about 12$ ca a roll available that is available in any big home hardware like store,

it's not much a mod but i swear it really showed a big improvment in comfort, i mean it's not so noisy anymore i would say that it took care of about 60 % to 75 % of the road noise for a very minimal cost,

i really enjoy the ride with a more quiet cabin , and it was not hard to do,
just use some common sense doing it, anyone will really enjoy it i give my word on this.

now i will go back beating up that b15 on the highway #40
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