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b15 2004 RPMS problem.

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Hello to everyone from El Salvador, i am new here and I have a problem with my car (sorry if my english is not good):

- I have a Sentra B15 2004, during a storm, block(engine) was damaged(doubled parts); so, in my country change car is not so easy, buy another new block(engine) neither, so we changed the 2004 block(engine) by a 2003 block (engine), always B15.
- Almost all is working OK, the problem that i have is in RPMS:
When car is in N or P, RPMS goes up! (1500 or more RPMS), but in D,R, 1 or 2 RPMS are "normal" (750 - 1000 RPMS).

What can be the problem?, code is P0507 (i don't remember exactly).

Thanks for your help.
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