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Re: B14 Rear Disk Convertion Parts

gfg78 said:
You should call Mossy Nissan. You don't have to buy the rear beam off the B14 sr20 powered cars. They sell the brackets that will fit the rear brakes off B14 Sr20 or use the Max's 95-99 Rear brakes. But you if you use Max, you have to use the big rotor too. Either redrilled to 4 x 100 lug pattern or buy the kit for it and some other stuffs that you alredy to buy or need. I'm on the proccess of converting mines too with my 93 NX rear brakes to my B14 too. I'm still waiting for the brackets from Mossy and if it's not coming i'm fabricating mines. They said, B13 wont fit on B14 due to the E brakes location... Anywayz, Aloha..
wait a minute, they came out with an "adapter" to change the rear drums to discs? do you have any pics of this? id really like to know, and i know other people would as well. thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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