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B14 owners in PA?

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Hey guys, I am new to the forum and was wondering if there are any B14 owners in PA or anywhere close, let me know, thanks:D
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rkeith said:
Yeeeeeahhh!!! Look at all the PA people!!!! Manytoys, Im in East Earl, right outside New Holland! Great to see another Lancaster County-er!
WoW - came here to check out information to change the car A LOT and I run into somebody right down the road.

New Holland - PA

Sorry this is weeks old Ian , yeah the OLD car WAS parted out *tear drops* but i bought ANOTHER 200sx , same color and year from Nathan , so, i've been startin ALL over AGAIN. and im keeping the camber plates cause im getting M.E. true coilovers for the car this time. but you will see the NEW 200sx at the camp out... now i just have to do ALL the body work AGAIN!
im from doylestown pa. (bucks county) my friend has a 300zx too so we could have a sweet meet. Hershys only like an hour and a half
200esex, you should come this weekend!
casey I gave you a call last night...did you get the message?
Yeah , i got your message , sorry it was like 1230pm when i got home so i didnt call back , i will call you when i get home from work ....
hey WRteam200sx, if you get this I tried PMing you.... your box is full! :(
Glenolden here about 5 miles southwest of Philly B-15. Just got the SE-R about a month ago so just getting started on mods but will be ready to race soon.
Philly and South Jersey.....HOLLA!!!!!!
BWilsor, where in throndale are you.. i live in coateville.. any mods done to you car
holy shit.. another coatesvillian... the weird thing is i never see any se-r's around....
ha i live out by the quarry ridge development, but alot of my time is in west coatesville at my boys house. i have a Champayne 97 se-r. not too much done to the ride, i have a Aem cold air intake, its lowered, a ghetto pacesetter exhaust(which is getting replaced), and 16" fittipaldi rims. I have plans for it, ill probably get it looking the way i like by next spring.
i dont have the much done either, i have hs header, full exhaust, custom intake and eibach prokit springs... and some neon accents... oh yea... ghetto rims that came on the car when i bought the car unfortunatly... but i will be adding cams, ur pulley, 17 exel rims, motivational rear strut mounts and rear strut tower bar soon.. and some other goodies .. i dont really know where the quary ridge development.. but i think ih have seen your car on 30 at one time or another...
blue with some ghetto chrome rims..
im not sure if i have seen it. Im thinking about getting my rims powdercoated black. hey have you advanced your timing? I need to and im not sure how to do it. Well ill talk to you later, if you see me on the road feel free t stop and say hi. peace
nah, i haven't advanced my timing, i dont know if you can pass emissions with it.. it raises the hydrocarbons... if you ever see my car your more than welcome to stop by.. we should try and get some cars together and chill sometime.. my car is blue with chrome 15" rims.. but im looking to get some 17" wheels after i get cams... we should try to schedule a time and place to get everyone to meet
yeah if everyone wants to chill sometime im down. my next mod will be getting new coilovers and the ad22vf brakes. Have you done anything to your radio yet? I have boston subs, an alpine head unit, with swiss audio components and a swiss amp. It sounds ok but im going to redo the whole system. Im tryign to open a audio store within the next 6 months so right now i can get stuff at wholesale. I was also thinking about starting up a car club in the area. What do you think? Anyway ill talk to you later. peace.

p.s.-thank god vanhorn got kicked out of town
Dude, thatd be cool if you started a car club.

And yeah. VanHorn was worthless. How come the Sixers always get guys who rocked in the prior season then they totally blow after they trade practically half the team for them!?!
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