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Are you interested B14 Carbon Fiber Hood?

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B14 Carbon Fiber Hood

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Ladies and Gentelmen,

Okay, now that I have your attention, I can just get to the point of this whole post. :) One of my friends owns a company called StoopidParts ( and is actually interested in gaining a market share in the B14 Sentra community. They already have one original product out for the B15, and its their Velocity Power Carbon Fiber Hood. I've seen the pictures, and they look, in a word DOPE! I'll post some pictures of them as soon as I can find them.

They are looking to make CF hoods for our Sentra/200SX. They have asked if I would be willing to use my car as their prototype. They are looking for about 10-15 solid buyers. As soon as we have the confirmed buyers, work will start on the hood!

Please use the Poll above, as well as this thread to express your interest!


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There is a place on e-bay selling bumpers for $45 each less shipping.

I will have a cluster for sale in the next couple weeks.

I am stripping my buddies totaled 200.
Originally posted by ScorchN200SX
In the works.
C/F grill out in Jan!
C/F vented hood in Feb!
C/F Vented fenders
C/F Rubber door trim placements?
C/F Stock fog light vents with 2"amber crystal clear driving turns?
C/F window pilar?
C/F Vavle cover 1.6+2?
C/F drift style Mirrors?
C/F Eybrow's?
C/F BMW M5 Spoiler?
C/F Front lip for the 200+se?
C/F Hvac and gauge Trim?

I didnt know about this list!!!---I think Im just gonna have to hold off on buying anything and give U guyz time to get these things together...

Ive got my eye on the hood -grill-mirrors--and even that wing!!!!
Re: I will have a cluster for sale in the next couple weeks.

ScorchN200SX said:
I am stripping my buddies totaled 200.
Awesome! Mileage?
id like to see pics!1

Diff thread. Check it out and let me know!!!!!
Click on my sign below. I have one of the first couple hood on my b15. I love how it looks and get many compliments on it as well. Jermaine is a very good per to deal with as well.
Nismo200SX said:
I was hoping for a CArbon Fibre ... ABfulg Style hood ...
or the Aerogear version known as the PRedator hood
like Liu said.. "Hell Yeah" but with the predator hood.. that would also be a kick ass idea.. for CF.. but the one you guys already have plannned is good enough.. i dont care what it looks like.. as much as the price.. and as long as its vented.. but the question i have.. like all hoods with vents.. Predator or anyother.. like the one you guys are trying to get made.. i was wondering if with cold air intakes.. or open air intakes.. will rain or SNOW if you live where i do.. , get inside under the hood.. because i dont need to be sucking up water.. just a question.. Thanks. Travis
Nismo200SX said:
i would like to lighten up the back end .... perhaps a carbon fibre or fibreglass trunk.. lighten up the whole rear as much as possible ....

and perhaps a spoiler that could give the rear end some Lift instead of downforce .... to force traction on the front wheels ...
Carbon fiber trunk.. what an awsome idea.. whydidnt i think of that!!!!!!!!!!! STEALTH.. we have a winner here! :D
i have a front bumper cover for a b14 sentra im moving and i need to sell it.. im not gonna take just 35 dollars for it.. someone offered 200 for it a while back LOL.. i wish i knew who that was now.. but anyways.. email me with your price.. and ill talk to you more about it.. and maybe we can make a deal.. Travis
Hey Sam,

Whats the word on those hoods?? I really want to get some weight off the front of my car and it refuses to take slimfast. I dont know what to do. Please tell me those hoods are almost finished.
Its comming along...

When I talked to Jermain last he said that they should be finished prototyping it in the next week. From there it need to be molded and then test fitted. Then production will start. talk to Jermain at and set a deposit it with him so you can be asurred on of the first ones....
haha, i was just thinking, it would be kinda funny if like.. scorchn said "the hood... uhhh ooOOooh yea the Hoood... uhh yea, its under... construction.. umm... it will be done... later!!
Sam works retail.

As you guys know it is the busiest time of year for them so it has been hard to cordinate time to get this project finished. It will be ready in Feb, I plan on going down there and test it against a fiber images one, as far as the engine temps and air flow. Kepp your pants on.... By thw way its nice to see so much interest and so little deposits. LOL
hey ill definately be getting one, its good, then you can see my deposit. But maybe give us some pics of production, that would be cool, thanks
lol, how much is deposit? and how much will hood be for those who deposit. i am sure it will be like 500+ probably even 600 for those with no deposit.. just thinka bou the B15 hood.. thats way too much to loose like 25 lbs if that... if so, i'd just relocate the friggin battery
Id gladly let them strip parts offa my car to make Carbon Fiber molds, send me a PM if Jermain is interested in another prototyper.

Parts that would be of most interest I think are the hood, side mirror housings (maybe even m3 style?), door fittings, maybe the rubber bump stops that run up the doors, the trunk lid.

Personally id buy carbon fiber parts for the exterior of my car before i even thought of putting it on the inside, the trunk and hood would probably make the car about 50 pounds lighter. Plus more people see the outside of your car than they do the inside.

edit: carbon fiber door panel replacements would probably be a hit too.
In the works....

Door trim,
Drift mirrors,
and many other things are getting throughn together. I will keep you in mind If I need anything.....
the trim that runs along the door would be cool. (the long piece that runs the lenth of the doors to prevent scratches from other cars, do you know what im talking about?)
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