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Are you interested B14 Carbon Fiber Hood?

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B14 Carbon Fiber Hood

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Ladies and Gentelmen,

Okay, now that I have your attention, I can just get to the point of this whole post. :) One of my friends owns a company called StoopidParts ( and is actually interested in gaining a market share in the B14 Sentra community. They already have one original product out for the B15, and its their Velocity Power Carbon Fiber Hood. I've seen the pictures, and they look, in a word DOPE! I'll post some pictures of them as soon as I can find them.

They are looking to make CF hoods for our Sentra/200SX. They have asked if I would be willing to use my car as their prototype. They are looking for about 10-15 solid buyers. As soon as we have the confirmed buyers, work will start on the hood!

Please use the Poll above, as well as this thread to express your interest!


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Teknokid said:
Where can i see a picture of the 400R style hood.
Theres a thread on it just do a search......You'll see it....
Is there any price estimate? and the final product is supposed to be when? anyways take your time id like it to be perfect, i definately want one!
stealthb14 said:
Well, dammit Eshei, I'm working two fucking jobs and going to school full time, and hopefully will be going up there next weekend.

i know buddy.. :D i jes get antsy
Keep your panties on!!!!

This is going to happen. Give it a little time! Gawdy I cant waity!;)
What about a carbon-Kevlar hood...with colors like the ones they have here:
Unfortunately, these are OEM style scoop/vent.

My car is black, so a C/F hood wouldn't really stand out, unless of course you're up close. However, the idea of a Black/Red Carbon Kevlar hood really got my I went out to one of those sites that makes carbon fiber dash kits and looked at the black/red c/f kits to get an idea of what the hood would look like. If I could a black/red C/F hood with a scoop...WhOOoOoOoHoOooOooo...I'd so buy one in a heartbeat...then...

...I'd be one happy man.
Isn't it nice to have dreams?
I have seen,

In a euro mag many people are doing a tinted color clear coat over the C/F hood and it looks awsome. Just a thaught.
Repp'N, Rollen, and Prototyping, For
Mike, so we share a contact, eh? *steeples fingers* excellent, excellent. :D
What kind of parts will stoopid parts make. So far I only hear of exterior parts. Do any of you guys know what they will be trying to make in the future?
Re: I have seen,

ScorchN200SX said:
In a euro mag many people are doing a tinted color clear coat over the C/F hood and it looks awsome. Just a thaught.
I need to see a pic of this.....
In the works.

C/F grill out in Jan!
C/F vented hood in Feb!
C/F Vented fenders
C/F Rubber door trim placements?
C/F Stock fog light vents with 2"amber crystal clear driving turns?
C/F window pilar?
C/F Vavle cover 1.6+2?
C/F drift style Mirrors?
C/F Eybrow's?
C/F BMW M5 Spoiler?
C/F Front lip for the 200+se?
C/F Hvac and gauge Trim?

All of these things Have been braught up for the B14 since I have aready had my hand in doing some of these projects already. Most of these Ideas will be transfered to the 240/b13/max/alti and so on......
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id be in for a C/F valve [email protected]!
Yes that does sound awesome
Ok, If I can get a hood that vents the air out for a B13 along with fenders and a bottom lip for my bumper I will buy that stuff in a heart beat. When this suff comes out please email me at [email protected] .

Thanks Andreas Miko
Shit Ill take the SR20DE Carbon fibre Valve cover too.

Andreas Miko
C/f door sills would be nice. How about some C/f fender flares??
Oh yeah a valve cover and window pilars.
Here are pics of the C/F foglight rpleacement vents.

The fit int the stock bumpers for the 98-99 sentra as well as the 95-98 200. They are going to be optional with the 2" amber crystal clear driving lights like the R33. Hella projection fogs will also fit in the openings.
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DAMN! I wish I had a bumper with the foglights.:mad: It looks ten times better then the ones without them.
i am sure you could get a deal!

I found a front bumper at a local yard and they wanted 75$ I talked them down to 50$ and walked. showed up a couple hours with 35 cash and walked out the door with it! BARGAIN!!!!!!!
Damn Scorch,

I'm gonna borrow you when you come down to Cali, with negotiation skills like that, I'll have you help me get my 200SX SE gauge cluster ;) :D You don't mind, do you? hehehehe
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