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Are you interested B14 Carbon Fiber Hood?

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B14 Carbon Fiber Hood

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Ladies and Gentelmen,

Okay, now that I have your attention, I can just get to the point of this whole post. :) One of my friends owns a company called StoopidParts ( and is actually interested in gaining a market share in the B14 Sentra community. They already have one original product out for the B15, and its their Velocity Power Carbon Fiber Hood. I've seen the pictures, and they look, in a word DOPE! I'll post some pictures of them as soon as I can find them.

They are looking to make CF hoods for our Sentra/200SX. They have asked if I would be willing to use my car as their prototype. They are looking for about 10-15 solid buyers. As soon as we have the confirmed buyers, work will start on the hood!

Please use the Poll above, as well as this thread to express your interest!


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Id gladly let them strip parts offa my car to make Carbon Fiber molds, send me a PM if Jermain is interested in another prototyper.

Parts that would be of most interest I think are the hood, side mirror housings (maybe even m3 style?), door fittings, maybe the rubber bump stops that run up the doors, the trunk lid.

Personally id buy carbon fiber parts for the exterior of my car before i even thought of putting it on the inside, the trunk and hood would probably make the car about 50 pounds lighter. Plus more people see the outside of your car than they do the inside.

edit: carbon fiber door panel replacements would probably be a hit too.
ill have the money waiting, sign me up for one of those 10. send me a pic of the prototype when you get a chance too.
omg wtf is this hood gonna be ready for the b14, im dyin here, our hoods are heavy as HELL.
1 - 3 of 205 Posts
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