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i now that this has been discussed before but anyway....

are the cams from a b13 ga16 engine different than the b14 ga16 cams?

if so..

will i gain anything from installing b14 cams on my b13 engine?


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From Kojima's Garage at

In our testing we have found that the later 95-99 camshafts have a lobe center that is spread by a few degrees over the earlier 91-94 cams. Because of this, the 95-99 cams have a bit more top end power, while the early cams have a bit more bottom end power. Overall if you are doing some junkyard raiding, the late model cams will give an early car a couple more hp, not worth buying new cams but if you have a line on some cheap late model cams, it might be worth it.
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