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b13/p10 strut bar?

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in this months issue of npm there is a REAR strut bar for the p10 nissan primera/ infiniti g20. does any one know if it will fit on the b13 sentras? or is there a rear strut tower bar that is currently being made for the b13 either in the usa or japan? thanx
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Every time this issue pops up I make a mental note to post about the Whiteline rear stb. I do and then everyone ignores it. Well, here goes again....

WHITELINE in Australia makes front and rear STBs for N14 Pulsars. Since the mechanical parts and dimensions of the chassis undercarriage are identical between N14s and B13s, anything for the N14 should fit right in on a B13.

Those guys have a rear STB for N14s, they sell it rather cheaply ther (~US$70) and they are represented by at least 3 companies in the States.

Go to

and search for US distributors. Then, go buy yourselves a rear STB.

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I can take a photo of my 3-door N14 and post it next week (weekend is always off-time!).

I strongly believe though that they will be identical even in appearance. Since all versions of a N14 (short 3door hatch, 4door sedan, long 5door liftback) have identical layouts back there I find it difficult to believe they changed something ob B13s. The measurements/dimensions though are identical (used a B13 Sentra FSM and measured mine).

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