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So I'm driving to work in the snow and the car's electrical system gets a little weird. The ebrake and battery light came on while I was driving and I noticed that my daytime running lights were not on. The car was still driving normally so I got into work. When I went home I noticed these symptoms:

1. dim cluster lighting.
2. slow, slow wiper motor, like the wiper blades had glue on them or something.
3. the radio was turning on and off, as in no power to the head unit. I noticed that it was shutting off every time I depressed the brake and would come back on when I got moving again.

Does anyone have any ideas? It's a 5sp, 94 GA16DE with no A/C. I bought it in the summer and haven't made any modifications to it yet, except a cluster swap in September and a trunklid with the inners.
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