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B13 cat back

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every cat back i see for a 91-94 sentra is for a 2.0 liter and reading these posts everyone says that the piping is to big so what is a cat back for a b13 1.6 liter that i could purchase that would be the right size (2") for my car
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Quote from Myoung about HKS and Greddy for GA16

For a GA16 you don't want either of those...they are too large... Both applications are for the SR20 .... unless HKS has come out with one in the last couple of months that's been hiding...

Last I checked the GReddy was 2 3/8 (60mm) , which is way too large for the Naturally asparated GA16...

The best system on the market for the GA is the Stromung.. They are one of the few companies that has actually took the time to test fit several different years of GA's to ensure a proper fit.. and not a hint of ricey sound....

Hope this helps, i was confused as well
It just doesnt make sense to me. Let me try to clear this up. I think the 60mm Greddy one is for the SR20 and I dont think they made one for the B14 GA16. But they did make a 50mm exhaust for the B13 GA16.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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