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Hey, i got a kill! Im crusing around ym neighborhood onthe way to the gas station to get a tank of fuel. Ont he way we have a playground zone so speed drops to thirty km. Im cruising thru when some guy pulls up to me a a red 92 civic hatch with this big loud exhaust going, he clutchs and revs a couple of times. Im packing an auto so i throw it into Neutral and rev up too. He had his friends int he car and they were laughing and stuff. I bet he was trying to show off to them by picking on an almost completely stock Nissan.
Were coming up to the sign that brings speed back up to 60km so i nudge the shifter to first and adjust my car so were even. Pass the sign and were off. The Sentra took an easy lead off the "line" and was off, i hit 65 km in first and shift to second. I lost a bit of time as the auto did the shift but then back on and im gone. The race came to and end at the deerfoot trail stoplight. Buddy didn't even stay to get laughed at, he peeled off to the right. Lesson taught.

did i mention that my B12 has only a ghetto "RAM AIR" style intake the draws air from behine the radiator. No other real performance mods unless you count my shiny 5 spoke hubcaps.

I hope to get some big mods soon (saving up $$$) and then i can compete with the true tuned vehicles. One day...

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