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boost_boy said:
Yesterday I jumped into my girlfriend's B12 to take it for a ride as it has been sitting for a while. I know the little re-worked turbo is technically dead because it was screaming and crying during a date at the track, but it finally has evolved into it's final disposition (Fumigator). (Victim) New BMW M3: I saw him coming up fast in my lane at which I was doing about 75mph and purging in 3rd gear. He got within one car length of me then I floored it and out of my ehaust flew gobs of bluish white smoke and I as I moved further away I see he did not want to play anymore and I wonder why (He probably said, P>O>S).;) So realizing what's happening, I decided to turn around and take the car back home when suddenly an Altima and a new protege 5 cam up behind me fast. So I turned the blitz dual SBC's scramble boost to setting 3 (1.35bar) and tried my best to finish that turbo off. There was massive smoke, nasty screaming from the turbo and the boost gauge managed a measely 12psi, but no more Altima and protege. And seeing that we have a mosquito problem here in florida, I think the people didn't mind the blow to the ozone to kill a few mosquitos and a few nice cars as well. Maybe I should start charging the state for my services, huh:D :D


Altima 3.5SE? :eek:
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