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While driving in the silver B12 tuning the ecu for the new cams, I noticed this mustang looking car just cruising behind me. I'm doing like 65 and then I floor it in 4th all the way to 125mph just to see if the car would stumble in the 5000rpm range. Mr mustang comes after me and gets behind me again. I change lanes because I really don't want to race, so he gets besides me and I see his little cobra insignia and listen to his sweet exhaust. He revs it up, I look over at him and smile and while in the 3rd gear we took off. I took 3rd gear to 100mph and no more cobra just that quick. He catches back up to me and asks "Is that like a 100-shot of nitrous because that sh?t was loud" and I replied back to him that that was the wastegate dumping off extra boost. He says nice sleeper and took off. [email protected] that Cobra's exhaust was wicked.
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