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I used to be a member here a long time ago and on the sr forums. as my other post hints i just bought a b11, im hell bent on putting a sr20 in it.

i have a line on a motor and trans already, not worried about ecu im prolly gonna run a haltech elite or platinum for ease of tuning later. what i need are more specifics, the last sentra i owned got a sr but i had a shop do it for me. this time its built not bought.

things i know i will need

b12 or b13 hubs and cv axles
sr20 and trans
some sort of fuel pump probably run a inline with a inline filter for this application to ease in installation. preventing modding the tank or basket.
hydraulic clutch with remote reservoir as the space for the clutch on these is awfully tight near the brake booster

i plan on using the stock shift linkage from the B11 chasis. prior knowledge tells me the sr linkage is slightly wider where it meets the shifter under the car but you can make spacers for the stock linkages at the trans as the b11 is narrower.

it will see boost in the future, plan on side exit or hood exit (my hoods trashed so dont care about a fat hole in it)

things that arent so clear to me are as follows.

what mounts do i need? ive read through the b12 swap and see its a hybrid b12/b13 combo with some custom fab work to attach to the chasis.

some other odd thoughts that occur to me, who makes decent aftermarket driveshafts for the sr20? im gonna need them as i kept snapping cv axles left and right when i had my last one and autozone got pretty pissed when id bring a new broken shaft in once a week or so.

all the information you can give me, links to pictures with measurements. ideas, troubleshooting please post them here for me to skim over. i have a notebook of notes from my last build to reference as they blueprinted some of the work but not all and need to fill in the blanks

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Pick up a front clip third generation (B13) or newer generations SR20DE assembly. It will contain everything you need. Better CV joints, the required front suspension, engine wiring and ECU. All you need to do is cut the front chassis runners; removing the old engine/tranny, fenders/front end and suspension and weld in the new front clip in it's place. Of course you'll need to do front body work to fit your old fenders/front end.
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