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Ok it was about nine oclock or so and im going through an intersection when i hear an exhaust coming up on me, its a 98 or so integra lowered and type r badges all over it (but can you really believe those?) so we are approaching a three lane highway im right behind him signaling to slow down, his girlfriend looks at me and tells him to slow down so he starts to but by the time i get up on his bumper he drops it and takes off this when on for about the next few hundred yards. Does this happen to a lot of people speed up slow down, speed up slow down, dosent anybody have any patience?
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i think he didnt want you to dust his ass in front of his girl. ive had a few people do it to me on the freeway but i just end up catching up and wave as i go by.
Yes that also happens here a lot also. It seems like they doubt there own vehicles, or they just dont think we are worthey of there time.
yeah this civic was doing that to me because he was to big of a wuss to actully race at the stop lights, so when the lanes merged together he got in front of me and kept doing that, its annoying
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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