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ok here goes .. i installed the speedo ... im really disapointed though .. as usuall I dream more than I can do and when it comes to cars somtimes My dreams never look like I want them when I actually do them. Photography is a diff story, I can envision stuff and it comes out exceeding my expectations ... but with this car ... damn pissin me off all the time..

but I have my lack of getting everything straight b4 i do these projects.. so here goes.

I didnt measure the inside of my gauge cluster frame figuring "ah yea this speedo will fit" and ofcourse i picked the 5" speedo... IT DOESNT FIT IN THERE STOCK.... i had to cut a hole in the top to fit it in the back and take out all the original gauges.

granted i can buy all new gauges and i wanted to but it just doesnt look good the way it will be or is now..

so im thinking of taking this one back and getting a smaller one.

more like 3"

but anyways tell me what you all think.

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