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I am outside of US and using a Nissan Serena Van (1998), which is having a GA16DE engine and Automatic Tranny.

This has developed a transmission problem reacently, where it won’t move on D position even at WOT. But 1,2 and R works fine. After shifting to 1 the vehicle moves normally (without slipping or any unusual behavior) and after driving for some time (couple of minutes) the gear can be safely shifted to D position on the move. Then it works just fine and shift to 1,2,3,OD and back quite normally.

If the vehicle stops (engine off) for a while and start it again, the symptom prevails, and I have to start it from 1st, ride it for few minutes and shift it to D, where it happily moving the vehicle there onwards.
The service manual doesn’t have an exact issue pointed out in the troubleshooting guide, but would suggest removal of Valve body and clean. (Oil level, leaks, battery etc. are not the cause).

Seeking advice of an expert out there before getting the tranny dismantled. Appreciate any bit of advice.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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