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hey, I've got a '93 Sentra XE (automatic) just purchased this year. Great little car only had one problem, trunk was leaking around the taillights... which i found the answer to in this forum. :)

anyway, the prob i'm having lately is that the gear shift doesn't seem to want to go into park. I really have to put a little force to it to make it go. and perhaps a related problem is that sometimes it won't start in park. I have to turn the key to on position, put in neutral and start it.

I've had the car to a mechanic who disconnected the linkage from the trans and was shifting it manually with no resistance, so he adjusted the linkage, lubed it, and put it back into place. he also checked the switch on the trans regarding the not wanting to start in park issue, and said it looked ok... any thoughts on these issues?
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