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On the 25th, after krispy kreme and donuts, we will head down to JRP a performance parts shop nearn odenton. It is roughly 18 minutes away from Krispy Kreme. JRP will probably become our premiere meeting place. i went down there with a couple people and it's well lit and can hold over 100 people. there are places in the front and behind the JRP store. They said that we can also hang out there without the cops coming. however there will be no "fooling" around anywhere near JRP because we do not want to bring that repuation to JRP or the AUtokrats. If people want to run there is an adjacent 4 lane highway away from JRP. We will post directions later, but it's practically a 18 minute drive down 32. and alot of people will be going so there are plenty of people to follow. Will make great for footage.
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