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ATTENTION all Idiotic drivers in crowded cities who just HAVE to speed!!

In Florida and most other states you have to "stop" when a school bus stops and I dont even have to explain why. Today a freshmen from my school was hit while getting off the school bus by a women that did not stop for the bus but actually tried to get past it at 75 MPH when she lost control and hit one of the students that was walking home and slammed through a brick wall into someone's yard. When I first moved here, I thought that my insurance was going to be cheaper (me being from California), but it was actually more expensive. All of us that live in Central Florida Orlando area know that people are moving over here like there is no tommorow and the roads were simply not designed for this many cars. Some of the two lane (soon to be three lane) highways have no center dividers and people fly down them at over 120 any ways like their competing in a gumball 3000 race for $100,000 or something. That women will probably get a life or death sentance for man slaughter. #1 because she ran someone over and killed them, and #2 because she broke a rule *while she was speeding* that was specifically ment for what just happened NOT to happen. {FACT: Central florida has the higest rate of accidents and pedestrian fatalities than anywhere in the usa} (as of 1/5/2005) because of the mass amount of people and roads that were simply not designed for this many people.

There are many people who just HAVE to speed everywhere they go. I am not reccomending that anyone speed, but if you just HAVE to speed, and are too cheap, lazy, or impatient to wait for track days, or if you dont have any of the racing programs in your area, take it somewhere where theres a center divider and no pedestrians like an empty highway, but you will still be endangering yourself, and there are major consquences for getting caught. I also remember that a 16 or 17 year old not too long ago who was racing his ford tarus, lost control, and ran into a pole. He too died.

Please respect crowded (actually I should say all areas) whether you are a soccer mom or a performence enthusiast. You will save yourself, other people, your car, your insurance, and even mechanical wear.
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