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if you're having a rough idle, try cleaning the throttle plate and seeing where that gets you. if you have too much carbon built up on there, it won't seat right at idle and mess up the air flow. get a can of throttle body cleaner (stay away from carb cleaner for a job like this cos it can do more harm than good) and take off the air intake duct and while turning the throttle lever with one hand, spray the cleaner on the plate. if you've never done this before, you probably need to. sometimes you'll need to spray and then scrub it off with a finger or old toothbrush. the carbon will be a black deposit that looks like old oil or grease. use as much as you need to until the throttle body and plate are nice and shiny. then start the car -- it won't stay running at first because it'll have to burn away all the cleaner you sprayed in there. you may have to start it and then hold the accelerator down for a few seconds. but that should make a pretty noticible difference.

I've also had pretty good luck with a product called Seafoam. it came highly recommended in you start your engine, then take off the vacuum line to the brake booster, and pour this stuff in there to clean out the whole intake. then stop the engine for a few minutes, and then start it back up.

just thoughts on some stuff you might wanna try.

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