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Car is a '93 XE automatic with 140,000 on it.

Problem (Started at about 50,000 miles): When you coast from highway speeds, and then resume acceleration (above 40 or so) the engine "over revs" (or actually goes into 4th, not OD) momentarily as if it wants to look for a lower gear and then goes back to normal (lock up OD). Gas pedal application is gentle, so it's not a forced downshift situation. Before, the revs used to "catch up" and engage OD lock up, so it is definitely different now. Once in OD lock up there is no slippage and all is normal. ATF has always been changed on a regular schedule and level is good as is its color. I had the car since new, so I know what it was back then, so it is a real problem and not just my imagination!

ANY insight appreciated............

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i dont know but my dad tell me this....

torque converter....he says it might have just went out. my dad was a big fan of drag racing back in the 60's-70's-80's. he says he had a problem when his trans would get confussed about where to go in gears....his troque converter was shot, after replacing it he lifted it upside down to drain any fluid just to see what would happen and noticed flacks of metal...not just a few but many....large and small....that might b the problem. talk to some local mechanics in ur area and see if that sound right for your car.!?

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