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odd question, i know...but i'd be very grateful if someone could tell me.

i've got a quartet of power lock actuators installed, and i'd like some way of controlling them from inside the car. i'm also ordering a Colibri power window kit (basically just takes the pin from the crank out, leaving you with a hole in the door)...

basically, i'd like to get a set of stock switches and a set of stock power window switches (one for each door, 4 on drivers door). now i know the spec's door panel has a larger armrest(for lack of a better word?) where these switches are mounted.

now to the question

are the door panels for an XE the same as the panels from a GXE? (so i could buy just the switches, and probably the new armrest piece with the switches in it)....or would i need a set of 4 new door panels (not necessarily a terrible thing. im sure a local junkyard has em, and might be willing to get rid of them cheap, espec. with a trade)

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