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Anyway to do an April Fool's Ban on EVERYONE tomorrow. Maybe ban them when they first get on the forum, then take them to a link with the obvious "APRIL FOOLS!".


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A while back I told the idiots in OT that I was buying NPM. All I had to do was work out some details. Then I said I found OT to be worthless, and that things would change when I took over. Some were skeptical, but most believed it.

How about an announcement that I am now the owner of NPM.


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Okay....check out what I added. hehehehe

gimp said:
Actually this is no April fools. After talking to Mike Young, he told me there were conflicts between him and Scott. So to make a long story short, since NPM basically owns the forums, they said Buh-bye to Scott.

As of right now, we are looking into getting another SuperMod to take over Scott's duties, but we are moving on without Scott for now and running the forum on our own.

I actually WISH this was an April Fool's Joke.

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Gimp said:
Okay....check out what I added. hehehehe
Sounds good.

I intend to stay "below the radar" for a while. This was more than just an April fools joke. I really am getting fed up with all the drama around here... especially when it's over something as unimportant as off topic. It's time for a break.

I'm in complete agreement with Ruben. Off topic used to be an entertaining diversion. Now it's become the perceived poster child of all of NF's ills. The over moderation of OT is way out of hand, but I apparently hold the minority opinion. Lately it seems everyone wants a chance to stomp all over off topic.

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This is fun, even the moderators are believing this:

Nostrodomas23 (4:43:45 PM): Nothing, I see your on your phone. Ill leave you alone, I was just wondering if you knew scotts e mail address?
Expediton (4:43:57 PM): I'm actually home now.
Nostrodomas23 (4:44:02 PM): oh
Expediton (4:44:05 PM): I can find out.
Nostrodomas23 (4:44:21 PM): If you can please do it
Expediton (4:45:16 PM): [email protected]
Nostrodomas23 (4:46:25 PM): Ok thanks man
Expediton (4:46:33 PM): Yeah, no problem
Nostrodomas23 (4:46:39 PM): So how did you find out he is actually gone?
Expediton (4:47:11 PM): I talked to Mike Young.
Nostrodomas23 (4:47:29 PM): And you believed
Expediton (4:47:31 PM): I guess the disagreements got out of hand, and so Scott was banned.
Nostrodomas23 (4:47:40 PM): oh shit
Nostrodomas23 (4:47:44 PM): lol
Expediton (4:48:24 PM): Yeah, I was sad to see him go, but oh well.
Nostrodomas23 (4:48:29 PM): shitty thing is im still sceptical
Expediton (4:49:10 PM): Why are you skeptical? What happened, happened, and Scott's not coming back.
Nostrodomas23 (4:49:51 PM): Who is going to run this board now?
Nostrodomas23 (4:49:59 PM): all of the adnimistrative shit
Expediton (4:50:04 PM): That's all up in the air.
Nostrodomas23 (4:50:06 PM): noone knows how to code
Nostrodomas23 (4:50:17 PM): Im th eonly one who has half a brain and does know how
Expediton (4:50:59 PM): Actually, Mike Young and Adam know code as well.
Nostrodomas23 (4:51:02 PM): I need to talk to Mike
Nostrodomas23 (4:51:08 PM): Adam done know shit
Nostrodomas23 (4:51:10 PM): trust me
Expediton (4:51:20 PM): I may step up to an administrator status. I'm not sure. Its all completley up in the air.
Nostrodomas23 (4:51:22 PM): Mike doesnt know that much either
Nostrodomas23 (4:51:38 PM): Meh you are here what every other
Expediton (4:52:02 PM): Hey, I can devote more time.
Nostrodomas23 (4:52:14 PM): Wanna fight for it
Nostrodomas23 (4:52:20 PM): me and you death match
Expediton (4:52:25 PM): Lets go.
Nostrodomas23 (4:52:25 PM): winner takes all
Expediton (4:52:31 PM): Come down here, and we'll deathmatch.
Nostrodomas23 (4:52:33 PM): ill be there in 2 hours
Expediton (4:52:37 PM): Alright.
Expediton (4:52:41 PM): See you in two hours.
Nostrodomas23 (4:52:46 PM): I need mike to ref thoe....lmao
Expediton (4:52:57 PM): He's at the SE-R Convention in Austin
Nostrodomas23 (4:53:04 PM): BISH
Expediton (4:53:12 PM): What, ho?
Nostrodomas23 (4:53:17 PM): lets take a road trip
Expediton (4:53:36 PM): Sure. Sounds good.
Expediton (4:53:41 PM): Where do you want to meet?
Nostrodomas23 (4:53:46 PM): well if you do step up, and need help with codeing and hacks. Let me know
Expediton (4:53:53 PM): Will do.
Expediton (4:53:59 PM): Thats not a problem.
Nostrodomas23 (4:54:08 PM): im sure it isnt
Nostrodomas23 (4:54:12 PM): lol
Nostrodomas23 (4:54:34 PM): BUt in exchange I want global mod powers
Expediton (4:55:07 PM): I'll think about it. I have to discuss that with Mike and Adam.
Nostrodomas23 (4:55:15 PM): Why doesnt Mike step up and say what happened in the mod section?
Expediton (4:56:05 PM): I'm not sure. I think he feels that Scott's final OT post said enough, and he didn't want to beat a dead horse.
Nostrodomas23 (4:57:11 PM): So wouldnt that e mail from gfos go unanswered since he is now gone from the clan
Expediton (4:58:58 PM): I'm not sure how Mike is handling that one. You can see if you get an answer from Scott, or a bounceback error. He really did not elaborate on how this was going to affect GFoS' websites.
Nostrodomas23 (4:59:48 PM): Well I would assume that if he is now gone, period, then he would be removed from there as well
Expediton (5:00:35 PM): I agree with you, but I don't have a straight answer for you, Heath.
Nostrodomas23 (5:01:18 PM): Right on. Ill leave you alone and go bug Mike then.
Expediton (5:02:01 PM): You do that.
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