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Hi Guys,

Just want to know if anybody is interested in Apexi Coilover. I just spoke to this company to see if they can give us a discount if we have enough buyer for the Coilover.
If you have questions, you can contact me below :
Email: [email protected]
TEL: 917-578-8180

A'pexi N1 Damper ExV Coilover (2005 Newest Coilover)
Application for 89-94 (S13) and 95-98 (S14)

MSRP - $1590.00

The more people the cheaper it will cost us ! Let's make this happen!!!
1- 5 will be $1399 Shipped
6-10 will be $1269 Shipped

Product Features

- Full Coil Over Threaded Base
- Monotube Shock Absorber utilizing a 44mm diameter piston
- 32 way ride adjustment
- 62 mm direct wound spring
- 22mm Strut type rod (All others use a 12.5 mm rod)
- Quick Adjuster, Coil Over Adjustment Wrench included
- Exclusive Upper Mounts
- Aluminum Brackets (Strut utilizes steel brackets)
- One Year Warranty for (Oil, Gas)
Product Points

- APEX Integration Exclusive Design
- Compression and Spring rates specially matched for US road conditions
- Ride settings calibrated for excellent ride quality and sports driving
- Incorporates the same N1 Damper Series high precision valve
and piston for accurate settings.
- The Quick Adjuster allows for easy compression ratio (ride) adjustments
- Strut types incorporate a pillow upper mount with camber adjustments
- Other types utilize a rubber upper mount to eliminate noise
and preserve ride quality.
- Includes dust boot to prevent oil leaks
- Includes spring seats to minimize noise

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Nismo1997 said:
Were is this place, NYC?
i dont think they are for the b14. im thinking hes looking at s13-s14 coilovers.
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