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this thing was gravy to hook up no problems what so ever. If anybody hooks this up to either the SR20DE or the GA16DE the wiring is the same, even though it says for jap spec vehicles only. In the vehicle specific wiring diagrams just look at the ECU labeled N3-a everything will work fine.

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Is it unchartered territory? I have a Fields SFC and Apexi ITC installed on my Sentra B14 GA16DE (albeit Auto).

I haven't dynoed it yet, cos it hasn't been properly tuned. It was installed in another B14 previously, with nearly the same config - hence, not needing too much of a tune-up methinks.

In terms of butt-feel, I do feel a difference in pickup. It feels slightly torquier..I guess my previous setup wasn't as refined and the SFC/ITC combo helps to bring out a proper balance in the overall drive.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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