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Anyone who has had a custom exaust and headers, on a single cat.

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Hey, well, heres the deal i had to get my headers in.. blah blah blaH!.. ok

everything is installed.. i had to remove my EGR pipe, and i will have to weld a new one on. got some copper pipe, should be good, its flexible.. ok, second, i have to get my 02 relocated, has anyone actually done this? or did we all say fudge it?

Ok, after i get all this done.. what would you suggest doing? reseting my ECU? or what? i need to kinda know what to do after all this is finished?
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i wouldnt use copper....just block off the EGR hard line from the valve to the manifold with a AN cap. i would definitely continue to use the o2 sensor if ur talking about the primary sensor...its kinda important. its not hard to do

-get o2 sensor bung or nut
-get hole saw or drill
-drill hole
-weld in bung or nut
-thread in sensor
this is what i meant by the cap on the valve
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hmm.. i thuoght that the EGR pipe was like.. all about NOX readings? in texas we have a new law about exaust bullshit

see, on

The EGR Valve
The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve is used to send some of the exhaust gas back into the cylinders to reduce combustion temperature. Why would we want to do this?

Nitrous oxides (nasty pollutants) form when the combustion temperature gets above 2,500 degrees F. This happens, because at such temperatures, the nitrogen in the air mixes with the oxygen to create nitrous oxides. Did you ever have two friends that were fine by themselves but just awful when they got together? Well, our good friend, the sun, is just like that. When it's sunny, the nitrous oxides from the exhaust get together with the hydrocarbons in the air to form our not-so-good friend, smog. That's when the EGR valve comesin handy.

By recirculating some of the exhaust gas back through the intake manifold to the cylinders, we can lower the combustion temperature. Lowering the combustion temperature lowers the amount of nitrous oxide produced. Consequently, less of it comes out the tail pipe.

There are two types of EGR valves. One operates through the use of a vacuum, and the other operated through the use of pressure. Both types allow the exhaust gas in to lower the combustion temperature when it gets too high.

So to conclude, i think that like.. the EGR pipe sends the exaust to the intake manifold.. so i want to make sure i can pass..
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so if u fail, just put the stock mani back on. what kind of law is it?
gotta problem with stock... 2 of the bolts snapped off cant go back... the manifold also was bend upon removing.. dont ask... Anyways.. how can they fail me? i have perfect emiisions.. ehh fuck it, im complaining to nothing.. anyways, im still asking what does that damn pipe prevent? NOX right?
yes EGR's are proven to lower the emissions (nox, sox, uhc, etc)of an engine, but they also coat the inside of the intake with soot and carbon....there not power adders.
hmm.. good point.. about the carbon build up etc etc.. damn.. i guess its a loose loose situation.. put it on, and kill my engine, leave it off, and have bad emmision.
you mean "Air Check Texas", it's tests car with obd2 throught the ecu and how ready it is to detect emissions worsening conditions, and for pre-obd2 cars, it's dyno load tested, as in california or something like that, and the exhaust probe(sniffer) samples exhaust emissions, with that high temp going on, good luck on passing emissions, but isn't it only in Harris county that emissions are checked?? so those guys in mo city and others only go through safety inspections..........
what do you mean High temp? it woudlnt be any hotter than.. oh wait.. the exaust like.. is supposed to.. damnit.. FUCKIGN EXHAUST, JUST STAY STOCK EVERYONE, AFTERMARKET SHIT IS TOO CON-F***NG- FUSING
telling you man, KISS, keep it simple silly, just a 2" cat-back works for me, and don't waste too much on intake and exhaust unless you're going forced induction, but that's just a suggestion, and if you need help, let me know and see what i can do........

and if you're going n/a, i think it's time for inner engine mods......
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