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Anyone using the dg-racing intake?

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Has anyone here used the intake from dg-racing or know someone who has? Also, on their site it says that the power intake is the only one that fits a 90 sentra but on the order form it says the CAI is also possible. Anyone know?
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The WAI also fits on the e16i, I asked. Not sure about the CAI. The price is way to high for what you get. That's way I'm going to make my own
I'm not really mechanically inclined so $140 bucks and some instructions doesn't sound bad to me.
$140 plus $12 shipping plus 15% tax equals $175. thanks. Plus it is SO MUCH COOLER to make your own. The DG-racing intake looks pretty homemade, so just make your own for half the price.
Yeah, it is on the expensive side... I suppose you could order it without the filter and save yourself soem money. D-G racing is more than happy to meet their customers needs..

I recently wrote them about getting a header, for $600 (canadian) they will custom fabricate a high quality header. A guy in Edmonton has one and says they are great.

A header for a b12? Hmmmm how much is $600 canadian in US $?

It's still alot. ~$400
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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