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Anyone Replace the Intermediate (Center) Exhaust Pipe?

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This is the pipe between the cat and the header pipe, which has the flex section. Anyone know if there are studs or thru-bolts that hold the flanges? The cat side connections looks like studs which are threaded into the cat side flange and would have to be drilled or torched out. The head pipe side looks like thru bolts. I usually use a cutoff wheel on the thru bolts, remove them and replace with them new bolts. This won't work as easily on studs. Can anyone confirm? Any input on experience with a part brand fit and quality?
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Definitely a coincidence. I also like how the exhaust parts usually go out during a cold snap (at least out here) or right in the middle of winter. I took a look again and both the thru bolts and studs look marginal on mine. I can try some PB blaster on them and see. Looks pretty tight to get the cutoff wheel in there even using a Dremel tool though.

I'm not clear on your setup. Do you have an existing aftermarket Bosal y-pipe (front pipe joined to the manifold) that doesn't have the hanger or a new replacement Bosal center pipe you are replacing that doesn't have the hangers? On my '87s center pipe there is a removable hanger at the front ypipe-center pipe joint and a welded bracket on mid-pipe in the center pipe. I took a look at the Bosal center pipe and it is cheaper than the other brands, so I am wondering about the quality.

Let me know how you make out.
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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