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I am sorry to bother you, please pardon the intrusion. I used to be really big into the street racing/cruising scene in St. Louis, and I now live in Southern Illinois (near Carbondale to be exact, about an hour away). I have a degree in Automotive Technology from Universal Technical Institute, Glendale Heights, IL, including Hot Rod University training. I have also performed basic maintenance, bolt-on performance upgrades, internal engine and cylinder head modifications, custom exhaust systems, nitrous oxide/turbocharger installation and tuning, fuel management tuning, interior modifications, etc. on my own personal vehicles including, but not limited to the following models: 2 Chevrolet Camaro SS (one with the Grand Sport LT4 V8), Ferrari F355, 4.6L Mustang Cobra (made 480 RWHP), Several Fox Body Mustangs, Several Mitsubishi Eclipses, Numerous Nissan vehicles, 1995 Turbo charged, 2.4L Dodge Neon, BMW 3 Series, etc. I am also ASE certified.

I have decided to begin offering my services to Car Clubs/Racers, etc. that want performance mods/tuning done for less than most shops charge...if you can even find one in Southern Illinois!!! Anyway, I have a lot of vehicles that I have done in my portfolio and I thought you might like to pass on my information to your acquaintances in case they need some work done.

I also do regular repairs/maintainance, etc. Just let me know what you need! Thanks!

Come on in to the shop:

R&M Automotive / Team Lethal Racing
48 Murdale Gardens
Murphysboro, IL 62966
(618) 684-5812 -- (618) 549-3116

[email protected]

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great stuff, welcome to the forum. be sure to share your expertise in the tech sections, can never have too many gearheads :cheers: . and should definitly move back to glendale heights and give me free performance mods, it'll make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
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