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Hi, I posted this in the regional section, but figured I should post out here somewhere to. So here is:

Hey, I read a post somewhere about somebody getting a decent quality leather job for the seats in their SE-R for about $1k. As I only read this forum and occasionally a honda one (nobody's perfect) I am sure it was on here somewhere. I am going to try and buy an Spec V this weekend, found a good deal already (I think, was quoted $20,065 with aftermarket rims and tint already installed, need to see the rims though) and am thinking of trying to bargain in the leather or at least finance and make sure it has some sort of warranty coverage. So, any help finding out where around here does it (I am sure the place had a portland shop when I went to their web addy) for a decent price with good materials would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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