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Ka's SUCK! Sr20's RULE ALL!!! :D j/k j/k hehe. Seriously, i think if you take a KA24DET built to say, 300rwhp vs. an SR20DET @ 300rwhp, the KA is going to seriously lay the smack down on the SR (if it was built right and if the SR isn't stroked) just because of the massively higher and flatter torque band you'd be at with the KA. The SR is the drifting engine of choice, sure, but if speed is what you need, I think you're going in the right direction (not to mention you could replace a blown KA probably 7 or 8 times before you'd be at the cost of a new SR). And for those that say a KA can't rev, that would be what aluminum flywheels are for. But you already knew that. ;)
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