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paulb said:
Fantastic! I am surprised of the lack of enthusiasts out there for the Altima. Especially since the 3.5 has been released. I've seen these things on the street, not only do they look good, but they are quick as hell too!
I know that there is another site for altimas, but let's be honest here. The Altima section on this site is an embarassment ( no offense to anyone ). It would be great to go to this site and be able to chat with people who have simular interests, and at the same time check out the other cars and forums too. Any other section on this b.b. you check out are loaded with poeple. But, the altima section never has crap. We need to get this section rollin'. We need to show support and interest in these midsize cars, to show people that they are not just family cars, or boats, or whatever they say. But an actual performer right off of the lot.
To be honest, this site doenst have the publicity. I did a search and had to go through a few pages before this site was even mentioned. After I found it, I told OhTwo about it. Even though its still small, its nice to have a fresh start.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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