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Another newbie....

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Hey y'all!!

I just bought today a 2004 Sentra 1.8S, and I hope I am in the wright forum...

I am coming from a 94 BMW 325i (250K and had to go...), and dispite the power difference, my little Sentra is quite good, I am falling in love with the car..

So here are the newbie questions:

1- is there an easy ECU mod for the Sentra?
2- CAI recommendations?
3- Auto to manual guides/recomendations?

Peace !!
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There is not much to offer for the 1.8L in the way of ECU and CAI mods. None of the big name manufacturers of intakes offer anything for the 1.8L. You might have to have something custom made or adapt a intake from the 2.5L.
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